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Hackerspace San Salvador
Sv hackerspace logo.jpg
Status suspected inactive
Country El Salvador
State or District San Salvador
City San Salvador
Date of founding 2016/04/01
Last Updated 2022-04-01
Website http://hackerspace.teubi.co/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hackerspacesv
E-mail info@teubi.co
Snail mail

Final 105Av. Norte. y Calle Arturo Ambrogi #442.
 San Salvador
El Salvador

Number of members 2
Membership fee $32.50 monthly
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? maybe
Residencies Contact info@teubi.co
Location 13° 42' 20.81" N, 89° 15' 21.35" W

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Philosophy and Motivations[edit]

Hackerspace San Salvador main objective is to serve as an innovation incubator for developing and adapting electronic devices and technological solutions that contribute to the society technicalization, problem solving and improvement of the quality of life of Salvadorans.

The phylosophy of the Hackerspace San Salvador is based on the Open Source Hardware movement that promotes the free and unrestricted exchange of knowledge to create electronic devices and solutions. It's follows the principles under the hacker etics and consolidates itself as an space without restrictions to creativity that provides open access to all kind of tools and materials that help to invent eliminating entry-barriers and reducing the fear of failure.

The Hackerspace San Salvador is the first place of it's kind in El Salvador with an open-doors policy and a main goal to provide people all the tools needed to develop any kind of technological solutions without any kind of discrimination.

The Hackerspace San Salvador integrates itself to the FABLAB ecosystem with a highly synergic relationship that allows to integrate electronics and software with digital fabrication process.

Shared projects[edit]

This is a list of shared projects in the hackerspace, those are small proof of concepts that were developed to help newcorners to experiment with their enviroment.

  • IoT LED Stripe: This is an interactive LED stripe based on WS2811 addressable RGB LED and the ESP8266, colors can be changed using an Android application developed using MIT's App Inventor or directly from the Web browser through a RESTful API. This allows the inhabitants to develop custom visual displays. At this time three demos have been implemented:
    • Prescence detector: Shows a member-defined color when the DHCP address of the member is leased to their devices.
    • Analog linear clock: Displays a "linear" analog clock when requested.
    • Current temp/humidity: Returns curent temperature/humidity [only via web].

Tools and Devices[edit]

This is a short list of devices an tools that you can find in Hackerspace San Salvador, all of them available to the members without aditional costs:

  • All kind of hand-tools. (Cutters, pliers, scissors, etc).
  • Passive electronic devices, semiconductors and microcontrollers.
  • Static-Free work area.
  • SMD reflow station.
  • All kind of development boards (Arduino, Teensy, FreeSOC, ARM dev boards, etc.).
  • All kind of sensors (Accelerometers, magnetometers, temp., humidity, proxymity, etc.).
  • Internet of Things and RF-connected devices
  • Motors, drivers and chassis for robotics.
  • Shared projects to play.
  • Local storage space.
  • Local Linux server for testing/development with shell account.
  • Discount to other services offered in place.
  • A lot of surprises.

More info and resources[edit]

For more info about the philosophy behind Hackerspace San Salvador, please read our concept note and visit our website (both in spanish).

Join us today and hack the world!

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