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The call-in conference opens at 9pm local time in the UK which is 13:00 Pacific Standard Time, 16:00 Eastern Standard Time, 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time, 22:00 Central European Time.

All information for dial-in can be found on the general Call-in page!

To give an update, please RSVP here:

The schedule[edit]

Participate on IRC[edit]

Join #hackerspaces on to discuss your participation and write your contact here!

Join #telephreak on for telephreak support, issues, Beave & rodent.

Not attending the call-in?[edit]

If there's anything you want mentioned on the call-in, but you or a fellow member of your hackerspace cannot make the call, let us know here!

Call In Notes[edit]

These are personal notes of FarMcKon on the Call in, for update/reference for.

  1. Revelation space will give an update via gmc
 - Got keys. Christmas party.  
 - 26C3, hackerspace dinner (50 out of 20 showed up), forked 
 - Building new space, empty space by a car dealership. Setting up lab, 
 gaming corner.
 - free wifi via mcdonalds across the street.
 - New Years drink as the end of the month

# Hive76
 - Don't remember what I updated, since I was taking notes

  1. Liure will give an update via kristianpaul
- Columbia - Starting a new hackerspace, started in July
- reprap, arduino, 'wicked stuff'
- Learning about getting people from town involved.

  1. TX/RX Labs (Houston Hackerspace) will give an update via I_Hate_Freedom

- temp space with caroloine Collective in Houston - Looking at 2K of space in downtown Houston right now. - More classes, 501(c)3, etc - Space has server room and kitchen, and more central than expected.

  1. Pumping Station: One will give an update via nicolle
- PS One folks went to 26C3. 
	- Eric: talked about Agora Link
	- Eli : talked about hacking fabric
	- People that stayed in Chicago have revamped the space, set it back up.
	- Transistor Thursdays - hands on electronics class weekly
	- Weird Musical Instruments Jam ( I 3 Detroit's idea, PS One did one too)
	  - Drums. toys. Musical Instruments. Built stuff at the space. 15ish people jamming.
	- New elections of Officers/Directors of the space 
  1. Telephreak will give an update via r0d3nt
- r0d3nt and beaver gave a talk at 26C3 on DDOS and other projects
- Eventphone and telephreak are connected/synced now
- Putting a server in a colo in Las Vegas and Denver for telephreak, agora, dedicated PBX's via
- can call event extensions from telefreak to get organizers, streams, etc

  1. VHS will give an update via Colin Keigher
- Binary Day party today at VHS with binary goodies and related items.
- Aquired a USRP.
- 400 meters from 2010 olympics, potential issue for getting to the space.
- Looking to have a VHS presence at a few hacker cons this year.

  1. VHS will give an update via Colin Keigher
- Got app security gateways for warzone, before 
- Agora Link 'hackerspace to hackerspace' light net
- any 'established' hackerspace and 20ish members can 
- Fonera 2.0n router running on openWRT
- to access Agora Link
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