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First name David L Norris
Last Updated 2016-01-09
E-Mail Address
Member of Club Cyberia
Country United States of America
City Indianapolis
Wants to build Hackerspace in Indianapolis (United States of America)
Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Indianapolis Reverse Corruption
Location 39° 46' 6.16" N, 86° 9' 28.95" W

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Club Cyberia[edit]

I have been involved with the Club Cyberia makerspace, operated by Cyberia Ltd, since its opening in February 2012. Since January 2016 I have been the President of Cyberia Ltd. I previously served as Equipment Director from 2013 to 2016.


I am a web application developer with a focus on RESTful services. My development process centers on Git, PHP, Composer and loosely coupled frameworks, such as Laravel, built around Amazon Web Services.

I have been an open source and free software developer since 1996. I have been involved in some way or another with various community-based software projects since that time. I am a firm believer in The UNIX Philosophy as it has revealed itself over the decades, I support Ubuntu and Debian Linux operating systems and I support the Free Software Foundation.

I studied electronics technology throughout high school earning state vocational certifications in many fields of study related to electricity, electronics and various mechanical trades such as welding, print press operation/maintenance, carpentry, drafting and the like.

In college I studied electrical engineering specializing in digital electronics and wireless communications technology.

After college I worked for a time as a UNIX system admin and spent my free time studying software application design and web technologies. I learned numerous programming languages. After a while I began doing contract work developing applications and custom solutions. Examples include cross platform compiler modifications (GCC) (e.g. compile Linux and Solaris targeted C/C++ applications on Windows hosts), factory and assembly line automation software, asset and dispatch tracking software.

More recently, I have been working with open source hardware systems (OSHW) such as Arduino, Texas Instruments MSP430, Maple/STM32.

Specialties: Application Development, Server Architecture, AWS, Virtualization, Citrix Xen Server, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Linux, UNIX, POSIX, Windows Server, Free Software, Open Source, Arduino, Atmel AVR.