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Indianapolis (United States of America)

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I am highly interested in building a hackerspace in Indianapolis, IN.

Personal History: I have a B.S. in Computer science and have been an active member of the “white/gray” hat community since 1998 when I first discovered BBS’s then the Internet. I have been working in-depth with computers and electronics since a kid, and professionally for over 12 years. I have given many talks on everything from computing ethics, to Intrusion detection systems, to advanced storage technologies. I even helped map the internet in 2004 with the project.

I currently work as an EMC Data storage Implementation Engineer for Software Information Systems (

I have started “Club Cyberia Ltd.” ( in Lew any other active Indianapolis maker / hacker space. We have Incorporated in the state of Indiana, and are in the process of researching IRS 501 (c)3 status.

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