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First name Mikkel
Last Updated 2019-05-29
E-Mail Address
Member of GeekLabs
Country Denmark
City Tjæreborg
Location 55° 27' 59.36" N, 8° 27' 6.26" E

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Involved in the founding of GeekLabs in Esbjerg, Denmark.

I am an embedded software developer with an interested in advancing the democratization of the ubiquitous computerized tools most Western human beings are constantly interfacing with. As such I am concerned about the software employed in these tools and the licenses under which it is distributed. If we can't control the software, we are being controlled.

The free software philosophy (as in free speech, not beer) defined by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is important to me.

My practical knowledge and experience revolves around

*Microcontrollers (m68k, x86, atmel) 
*Physical interfaces (RS-232, RS-486, CAN, USB, I2C)
*Programming languages (ANSI C, ISO C++, Java, shell scripting (bash) some python, rebol, php et al.)

I usually have lots of hardware stuff laying around, that I would love being the center of someone's attention, when I haven't got the time myself.

Personally I always strive to be helpful and forthcoming in all relations with other human beings.

Misc. Notes[edit]