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Hackupy is awesome thinking!

my interests[edit]


LanguageHacking in collaborative work spaces on the interwebs.

I have just added HackerSpaces to the LinkLanguage... correction, I have just tried to add this to the LinkLanguage. BitLee is blocked, at first I was overjoyed that there was a preview pane before save, as in TextPattern - but nope. (So now, how to add this BitLee or just tell you want it is.) There are three parts to my hacked together LinkLanguage.

http:// ~ BitLee ~ LinkLanguage - so in this case


I started what is now called WikiIndex - a wiki of wiki. I am interested in the culture of TheWikiWay and most recently in CivicWiki. Also have worked on wiki for social movement stuff, including USSFwiki and OccupyPortlandWiki.

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