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Current Notable Projects[edit]

  • OccuCopter - RC quad and helicopters used to monitor protests and raids
  • Occupy Law Enforcement - Holding law enforcement accountable for the atrocities against peaceful protesters, while recognizing those authorities who are not antagonizing the movement by supporting the first amendment rights first.
  • 12V to USB Chargers - Charging 5V USB devices from 12V batteries
  • IR Illuminator - Infrared illumination for night photography

List of Hackerspaces Participating[edit]


Tokyo - Tokyo Hackerspace[edit]

  • Location: Link
  • Barcamp and hack nights to develop technology that can be used to make #occupy protesting more efficient
  • First meetup: 11/16/2011 to discuss how tsunami disaster relief technology can be modified for #occupy protests

Current projects:

North America[edit]

New York City - Atrium at 60 Wall Street[edit]

This is the workspace used by the Tech Working Group tech.nycga.net. Join the tech list: tech@lists.occupy.net mailing list for most current information about it.

Nearest transit: Fulton St 123/ACE/JMZ

New York City - NYC Resistor[edit]

  • 87 3rd Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn
  • Located three blocks from Atlantic Avenue station (23/45/BQ)
  • Hackupy hours: Thursday nights from 6pm-10pm

Projects associated with members

San Francisco - Noisebridge[edit]

  • Location: 2169 Mission Street at 18th 1.5 blocks away from 16th Street Mission BART
  • Focus: Everything, software, hardware, power, crafts/sewing, photography, wood shop, class space, general hang out space
  • Public Hours: 24/7, simply show up and ring the door bell
  • Hackupy Hours: Anytime, but generally Monday through Thursday nights are good for Hackupy

Current projects:

  • Internet Box - Providing internet for general use at Bradley Manning Plaza
  • General meetup for OccupySF internet sites
  • PowerStation - Mobile power for the masses from recharging phones to powering lights and laptops
  • Noisebridge Satellite Tents - A hacker space at OccupySF
  • OccupyProjects.org Redmine installation available for hosting Occupy-related projects - for info email media `at` occupyoakland.org

South America[edit]


São Paulo[edit]

  • Location: Tortura Nunca Mais - Rua Frei Caneca, nº986 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo / SP
  • Every saturday from 3pm to 7pm we meet do workshops about technology that can be used to make occupy and social movements protests more efficient.
  • Programation: Diabolô


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