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First name Celina
Last Name Stanaway
Nickname CyberneticCupcake
Last Updated 2023-11-19
E-Mail Address
Member of Jackson Makerspace
Country United States of America
City Jackson
Wants to build Hackerspace in Jackson (United States of America)
Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Jackson none

Salutations! I'm CyberneticCupcake (Cyber preferred, Cupcake for close friends), and I like to consider myself a "collector and creator of the extraordinary." This has been my internet epitaph for the longest time, and I think it represents to me both an ambition and description of how I tend to best conduct myself in internet spaces.

You'll most likely find me online with the CyberneticCupcake handle, or a few other handles I don't necessarily like to discuss with strangers. I don't do Facebook, Instagram, or *the social media formerly known as* Twitter, so if you find me on there, it's probably fake! (Until such time I can get a marketing team manage a "brand account" there for whatever reason...) I also don't like to discuss my real life situation outside of a few anecdotes and some random trivia.

My current ambitions are to self-publish a graphic novel, but my long-term goals are to produce and direct a movie, preferably something I also wrote or had written to my specifications. While I know I'm not the most sociable person, and I have gotten into trouble because of it, I do try my best under the circumstances.