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Witches are the female counterpoint of the wizard class. They differ in their spellbooks (or grimoires). Rather than guilds, witches have covens. Unlike their male counterparts which draw power from above, witches tend to utilize power from below. Their power of the womb is a significant difference, hence the differentiation between witches and wizards. They often partner with herbalists to share secrets and power knowledge.

One difference between the witch and the herbalist is that the witch gives no piety, for that would move her power to another.

The witch uses the power in her body (uterus) to add effects to potions, while the male druids must add an ingredient like a mushroom and boil their potions. [Correction: they can also use the power of words properly, like a mage, naming the potion with them, but the female must believe in it in some way.]

A woman must have her overies in order to direct this power, otherwise with the uterus alone, she relies on the power of other women.

Witches get power for their womb, depending on how many other women believe in their knowledge. This advantage builds power, effecting thier CON. This means CON is the main ability that grants power for magic with women, rather than INT. INT just helps them stay in balance with the wizards.

If a witch`s ASM score is above 10, they also get the power to apply their spells onto objects, cursing them or enchanting them. Depending on their CHR score, they can also get other, more detailed and personal, effects, depending on INT.