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Public transportation is the solution that will take humanity forward. Passenger service on rail will displace up to 100x the cars on the road -- that means 100x less road maintenance and budget costs. Single-occupancy vehicles transport the typical 200lb passenger cargo with about 2500lbs of steel, occupying their full attention with no social interaction. The last 2 miles can be handled with bikes, local transportation options, distributed taxi services (like Lyft/Uber), and mass-dispersed go-cars (customers can get steep discounts for picking up cars at remote locations).

Do the math on that and calculate the immense losses to your social fabric, public expenses, and ecosystems.

Figure these scales of tranportations needs. For now, there's literally zero need for a large international backbone, because there are no leaders competent enough to manage such a large organization, so then:

  • international air traffic service regional air-port service and international small-scope sailing vessels
  • national backbones of rail service
  • state hiway services for regional economic deliveries
  • county roads (single-lane is sufficient, with semi-regular pull-outs if you need to carry large vehicles) for ag deliveries & household goods
  • local streets (public transport and 70% efficient or greater vehicles only on the busiest routes N-S and E-W corridors at minimum) mostly for food and culture economies,
  • community connections (bike paths which can take unusual and more efficient routes owing to their small width and grade contraints)