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Many of us in America already are familiar with "the System". It is powerful, mostly heartless, automaton-like, and huge. Because of the "global" economy, many other countries (like those in the G8 or 20?) nations are automatically under the System too.

But, don't let that stop you from exercising rights guaranteed by American founders, or would be legal rights if your country took the time to formulate some and had the need. Because while the system is big, it falls if it is driven to a point of irrationality, unable to uphold it's own stated goals, or runs out of money. These are all areas that can be used if a situation needs it and don't strictly require guns and violence: respectively, executive powers, judicial power, and your own legal tender. If you think guns and violence are the only means, then keep in mind that you will not likely be creating a new system that is greater than the one before. Because it takes greater virtue to do that, not greater power.

Also, before you go your journey to topple "the system" down, keep in mind that "the system" is also (to some degree) keeping the Apocolypse at bay. Additionally, it provides many high-technology items that cannot be made without it until smart individuals occupy places within it and take (assume?) control. Some of these items are highly valuable to our cause, but some are not even though they pretend to be. To be able to tell the difference is not easy and a subject for another time.

Corporations get their power from the State via legal charters (and their registration), from their stockholders, and from the public who give them money for their goods and/or services. Without a publically viewable charter, a public corporation may not have a legal right to exist. Even children must have a birth certificate to live here (in America, for example) legally.

In any case, you are generally not a victim, except by incompetent gov't leaders, from misallocated money which gave greater assets to historically-recorded groups (unless you're a Native, it will be difficult to argue on this tempting one, best to go with God and Judgement Day), or someone damaged by the corporation's behaviors (either their product or their by-products).

Governments get their power from everyone who gives it to them, as they have no consciousness or life of their own, though it often seems that way. However, not everyone knows just how deep the rabbit hole goes, so many are victims of their own ignorance and false idols or loyalties. Are you prepared for the full Truth of the powers that made the System, whether it be alien, Satanic, or God? That's the battleground and level you have to be prepared for if you are going to engage it on any issues.

The mass media get their power mostly from technology, which fortunately, hackerspaces probably can help you with. This balkanized power of the modern media is legally balanced where there is guarantees of Freedom of the Press.

And that's the arena where creative fellows and gals, perhaps like yourself, can occupy some gaps that the System cannot fill.

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