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What adds value to your space without costing a fortune?

Some starting inventory ideas:

  • open wifi, several wired connections
  • lockers to hold projects or whatever,
  • private desks with computers, probably running linux,
  • shared work tables
  • whiteboard for collaboration and a log of past conversations for others to see,
  • projectors to demo ideas (can project onto curtains, frosted windows, or walls to entice people about what's going on inside),
  • cork board to hold asynchronous* conversations, build creative ideas into projects and form an organizational memory (see also the World Game),
  • a stereo system if you're chill enough to have good HackerSoundScapes,
  • a well-curated library,
  • radio station for beaming out your revolution.
  • shelf space with supplies and products for/from the space,
  • lounge area for members to hang out,
  • a kitchen for the late-nite hackathons.
  • bike rack to reward those living the dream
  • parts drawers, raw material piles,
  • tools for taking things apart's a stub, fill it out

Asynchronous: non-sequentially, non-linear, anything outside of a two-way conversation in the present moment.