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After witnessing misuse of the word "inclusivity" as a covert political term for certain privileged kinds of inclusivity, this page exists. For who among hackerspaces allows, or is politically/emotionally ready to allow, anyone at the door to come into the space they have created?

Felons? Sex offenders? Quadriplegics, who have no use of their hands, and might need special care? Angry American Indians wearing traditional garb? Man-haters? Misogynists? Zombies from the apocalypse? People who don't believe that sex in the anus makes love? Aliens that have rad technology (watch the Twilight Zone)? Minors without a parent? Lesbians? Homeless vets in the cold? Drug-users? Libyan dictators? Angry hackers that are master makers? So, let's not use terms euphemistically!!!

Need a special hug for your little ideology? Hackerspaces probably aren't going to be the place to advocate for your special minority group. (Most such groups have plenty of voice in the world compared to others who don't and who wouldn't be able to use the space anyway).

First it must be asked: is inclusivity a good value? After all, your body doesn't include every organism into its trusted space, so it is clear that it is not an absolute value. Yet, exclusivity isn't very cool for a hackerspace and planetary revolution either. So which is it?

The answer, I suggest: it is precisely where you are willing to take responsibility. And be watchful that your "inclusivity" isn't just a euphanism? At least the Church tries to convert non-believers rather than kick out those who don't believe in their doctrines. How do you compare?

BTW, screening people at the door is called being exclusive.

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