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A new type of living situation for the Creative Economy. The idea is to apply the ethos of the hacker to living spaces and accommodate the truly dedicated:

  • maximizing the utilization of the space/sq ft and value-exchange interactions between people, and
  • minimizing expenses and superfluous work.
  • minimal resource impact
  • minimal dependency (from the grid, from the current economy, etc.)

In short, hacking existence itself by gaining the efficiency of co-operation, offering more value to more people. Want to be independent of the sewage waste system (because maybe your squatting in some abandoned warehouse)? Learn about composting. All you need is enough carbonaceous material to absorb liquid, some soot perhaps to sprinkle over solid waste, and some pressure-capable bins to process the waste with yoghurt culture you can find in health food stores). Find the document "Permaculture and Terraforming" for more.

...If I may cut in, when you want to be really cool and throw off those horned-rimmed glasses (like didn't those stop in the 1500s?), you follow the Plan. Now you may not know what the plan is yet, because that has been part of the plan, get it? But believe me, there is a plan. You just can't get there until you start, get it? The elite crew cannot be troubled with knitters, unless their juggs are bigger than a 14-year-olds.

Now we all know there's no fight club and that it isn't appropriate for high-schoolers to be engaging in useless violence. Did you see that? You see I snuck it in there when you weren't looking.

If you're not ready for that kind of thing, you need to go hook up with Lonny Zone. You understand me? She can help you become a man -- even if you're a woman. You know -- someone who can ride a horse, or captain a space craft. No one is going to be impressed with just being able to take it the ass for the man, writing code or building arduino projects with flashing lights.

Cannibis-smokers, you are not impressing anyone. You are not going to "live it up", continue the "american dream", or "fight the good fight", becuase YOU, like every other American, have lost touch with what that is. Kick your own ass with a little reality.

Oh, Javascripters, don't even THINK about trying this. You WILL get your ass in jail. And you know what happens in there to panzy flybois.

Thank you, you may continue. --Tyler

P.S. Honestly, y'all have to get your shit in gear because things aren't going to happen with the hackerspaces movement until you do. Stop wasting time ...and the women. And find Capt. Dynamite.

Basic minimal accommodations:


  • double or triple bunks bedrooms separated male and female
  • shared center eating and kitchen areas between rooms
  • composting bathroom, instant-heat (propane) shower. Waste water can give extra heat in flooring.
  • no living room, no dining room, basically spaceship accomodations on earth
  • electric heat with open grill for heating non-liquid foods

Apply the techniques of hacking (optimizing) to architecture and use of space: Streamlined, functional, cost-effective, no-waste.


  • dishes: drying racks can serve as storage racks
  • surface space: kitchen sink used as cutting surface by placing boards over it. Hole in board acts as compost release.
  • bunk ladders: can be hinged at top, fold upwards to hook on ceiling hook and act as desk light. No switch necessary, placing on hook acts as conductor. (Conductor must be away from user on AC current).
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