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You've reached the guild of Merlin. It's emphasis is the power of the elements and of minerals and seeks to be applied for the beautification of civilization and the nobility of Men. It is indeed the Guild of Merlin that the art and science of was made. That is, how to hold the power of your spells, for the words in which you incant your knowledge are notXXX words of the material plane in which you take part. The Church, of course, stole these methods over Time, but no matter: now you've found it! Elves, it should be noted, are not a good fit for this guild, as it houses specific magic via the spoken/incanted word. Try the House of Slytherin. If you wish to study other materials besides paper, keep in mind there are various problems that must be noted (like animals going crazy through the use of vellum). Talk to your Guildmaster.

Here you might find secrets that you won't (and shouldn't) find anywhere else, for the first lesson of magic (or thaumaturgy) is not diluting its power with frivolity and unnecessary revelement.

The first spell apprentices learn in this school is lictum illuminus -- making light. An imminently useful spell, to make the unknown a little more known.

So you've now been introduced to your first spell. When the apprentice isn't mature enough to believe in an orb showing up and floating out of thin air, the teacher typically employs a retaining medium, such as a crystal or glass orb that has been prepared for the student which is tapped with the finger as the words are recited. It's a level 1 spell that the apprentice can use once she or he joins the guild.

Mage spells automatically get more potent as they gain LEVELS. The higher the level, the more potent their mana.

There are four factions, designed to make a little creative tension and promote excellence:

When you are ready, sit down awhile and meditate in chamber #1.

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