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There is now better understanding about dragons should you encounter them. Dragons are most generally protectors, but sometimes they are confused. They might seem evil, but consider them the "immune system" of the gods who know more than you do. As they don't typcally have a voice except to dragonmancers, you must tread carefully. Dragons don't have gender (because they precede the existance of it) and most of them are as old as the land itself, remember that. Only the old mages are still around of that era.

What has been learned is this: that there are eight dragons: the six rainbow colors, plus a metal dragon, holding the province of the gods and a glass dragon are the chimera of a wizard's dream, making gems. These latter two are most ancient and rare. They are the province of the ancient creators, long gone. The various colors compose all the peculiarities of all the metallic and other dragons, for color is something quite abstract compared to gems or metal. These dragons are composed of the six colors of the rainbow (three primary colors and three composite colors) along with the poles of black and white. As they are more ancient, they do not align along the human plane of good and evil. Generally, it seems, they move along the plane of feared vs. fearful. Pale dragons are always chaotic, destroying order without wisdom but perhaps I shouldn't tell you so you can figure it out yourself, how the chromatics came to be.

Dragonmancers have the ability to "speak" with dragons. But this is more akin to a horse whisperer -- they interact through thorough connections at deep somatic levels by using body actions and reactions. By reading the reaction, they know whether they've gone the wrong way or the correct way and can build up an understanding. Only a wizard has been seen to have this ability as it takes great intelligence.

Dragons have lairs -- abodes in which they abide and can preserve their treasures. These lairs are, of course, generally protected by the dragons themselves and concealed, as they become the other. That is the space is often attuned to the dragon and vice versa. However, most dragons are not evil. No. However, you must negotiate your way and there are few other ways than to put yourself at mortal risk. If they sense a thief coming, they may simply spare themselves the trouble and throw you down the mountain, burn you to a crisp, where your tales will be forgotten, or otherwise send you on your way until you are worth talking to.

Dragons are unisex and lay eggs as necessary to ensure the continuation of their line. It takes about a month to gestate, but entirely depends on the disposition of the realms (along with their gods), since they create Time.

Dragons can be called, like with the Draakhorn, for example, if you have exceedingly good piety with their associated god. One must be patient and exercise some wisdom, as they don't fly 1000 miles an hour and if called unnecessarily, they may choose to exact a price, which you best honor. There are likely different horns to call the different dragons.

Only under very rare and fortuitous circumstances does a dragon get the ability to talk in a common tongue. It is gained by the approach of the warrior or seer who is alignment with the pantheon of gods in the universe, at which point they get the language of the dominant god of whom the current eon belongs to. The language spoken should not be considered the language of the dragon itself. They are acting as a channel.

Others, you should probably approach wisely, if the wise approach at all, for the dragons still scorn most humans and other races -- for they remember various falls of the realms caused by them.

NOTE: This is currently in development. White and Black are switched from normal order. You've been warned.

Dragon lore:

Glass Dragons[edit]

Replaces gem dragons

Has no breath weapon, but their body is transparent and the travel of light through thier body creates a lens that dazzles players (stunned).

STUB under revision..

Dragon with bright black scales that reflect the infinite. Has no special ability but the wisdom of all of them. Rarely seen.

Name: <claimed by Merlin, the Mage (one of the Wizards of the Coast, you might say)>.
Treasure: none but wisdom, should you dedicate yourself to learning to "speak" with them
Lair: the source of life itself.

Red Dragon[edit]

Treasure: rare swords of slain warriors, shields of antiquity, random bits of gold and other coins. Attracted to the items of power held my mortals, particularly edged weapons.

Name: <unclaimed>
Deity Representation: Great warriors
Lairs: Mountain caves or underneath them.

Orange Dragon[edit]

Name: <unknown status>
Deity affiliations: civilization
Treasure: complex and intricate rarities, attracted to fine detail.
Lair: Engineered structures, perhaps the dungeons of a castle

Yellow Dragon[edit]

Name: Melora
Typical treasure: ancient written codices or religious texts along with other arcana, potions of complete healing (1000hp), which will only work on one person one once the bottle is opened (unless you bargain with its owner).
Lair: Crystal Caves

Green Dragons[edit]

Names: Smaug, Bahamut(?)
Treasure: lustrous gold, special stones and gems, particularly diamonds.
Lair: in the forests

Blue Dragons[edit]

Associated with storms and lightening in particular.

Name: <unclaimed?>

Treasure: specially hardened or enchanted steel, perhaps other metals. Electrum ingots. Unknown.

Lair: in clouds; AFAIK, no one's ever been to their lair.

Purple Dragons[edit]

Names: Melora
Treasure: dream scrolls made by long forgotten mages that can transport you to other realms.

Metal Dragons[edit]

replaces the plethora of metal types

There is just a single class for metal dragons, not several. Such minutae over "what metal" are considered rude. They guard the gates to planes unknown.

STUB under revision... They are pale white. Sickly. They have no wings, but have a breathe that dissolves like acid. They spread plague which looks like acid on the skin. They are connected to dark, murky water.

Names: Beelzebub, Kraken, Leviathan
Associated Divine Association: none
Treasure: random arcane, sometimes items
Lair: under the sea, in murky darkness


There is one other thing.... The liquid black Dragon. ...a special class called the umbramancer, for this dragon has not lair, no treasure, and it`s name is unspeakable. It is, for practical purposes, inaccessible.