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Perfecting of the Way is like sitting in Zazen:
the mind stays calm, while the ocean crashes upon the shore.
There seem to be many things to do, but there are not.
Some call it the Tao, but you should know now the limit of names.

The thousand voices drop as rain falls upon the meadow.

A sudden stillness quickens the mind: Where am I? You are nowhere.

Your computer was made in such stillness: neut'ral ,<pause> capable!

A million bits of storage, holding more combinations than the number of atoms in the Universe!

Where will you go today? Upon what area of the "ten thousand states" will you settle? This you should know.
From the two, begets a third: You.

Feel the need for more? Close the computer and sit still in a park, or out in the wilderness.

The wild animals and the trees are pure: they have neither language to confuse them, nor material splendor to blind them.
Never forget that they are unsurpassed by Man. And they've earned all that they have.
Then, meditate again, out in the bustle of the city.

...Like your code, a "functional" mess. Consider that, then rewrite your code, wirehead.