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The Creative Economy is about

  • an economic system based not on production of physical goods (as the historical economy) but of production of creative goods whose value is mostly non-physical. See Wikipedia.
  • an economy based on producing something more than mass-production or commidified goods. Things like art, or artisan breads, or artisan cuisine. Things that are excellent, and
  • creating cultural value rather than industrial value.

Like the road network for physical goods, the Internet forms an infrastructure for the ampifying creativity.

Hackerspaces are forming the nexus for a socio-economic re(love)ution. See the Business Plan.

To do it right will require Education reform and gamification.

Listen, every creative person knows this economy sucks balls, so why not come together to make a co-operative that allows us to make our own community? Sure it's been done before, most become bureaucratic quagmires. What keeps this one from becoming the same? Better tech. We have a World Game -- a way to gamify everything to not only draw creative ideas out of people, but just get the basic shit done that tends to draw bureaucratic solutions instead. We'll be the cool kids with the best toys and the old paradigm will have to come looking for us.

got it?