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An Art and Projects Fund (APF) is the fund that takes excess revenue for funding new members and projects in the space.

If your space can accommodate more members, that should be the first focus.

It works like this: if a potential member is perfect for a bunk space, but can't afford the $500/mn, then the APF can fund up to two levels of their membership: down to $125 or even $25/mn. Beyond that they must have a sponsor (perhaps yourself) -- the limit placed is to give feedback that the member appreciates the value the space provides. The fund is not a subsidy, it's an investment for awesomeness. They can do some work around the space for their membership. But, the space should not abuse it to make valued people do mindless work (those kind of give-backs from members should be silently noted for future re-uptakes on their monthly benefit) -- the work should be going clearly towards the shared mission.

Re-evaluate the decision after 1-month and then 3-months. After then, no two-level funds, only one. They can find additional sponsors, if need be. Re-evaluate again after 6-months. If the user hasn't made revenue for the space (project retail, events, teach-ins) by that time, then they must find a sponsor for the greater part of the membership fees. (You can still do the lessor of the two levels of fee differences, but this should be a rare case.)

Excess after helping fund members should used to fund materials for projects and to develop the space.