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You're a Doctor. That means you have some responsibility for holding such a position, which, let it be clear, is set higher than others.

  • Towards students: you're always leading by example.
  • Towards faculty: you always treat them as equals even if they may not be. You publish knowledge (either in established sources or on the web where those who have earned it may find it), never hoarding it.
  • To staff: you always should see them as supporters of the enterprise, potential allies and collaborators, capable of being your equal.
  • To the community-at-large, you are a master at dialectic and can get a handle on the most critical argument.

But also, don't dismiss the fact that a good PhD should know how to sling some good insults, not the run-of-the-mill high-school variety, but carefully-crafted precision barbs that bring tears of joy to your colleagues. Only one moving towards a Juris Doctorum might start a fistfight.

Pitch excellence and master your curriculum. Listen to feedback from both colleagues and students.

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