The Rabbit Hole

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The Rabbit Hole
Status suspected inactive
Country United States of America
State or District Minnesota
City Rochester
Date of founding 2012/09/01
Last Updated 2021-05-01
Snail mail

United States of America

Number of members 35
Membership fee Free until further notice!
Size of rooms 1200 ft2
Location 44° 1' 18.12" N, 92° 28' 10.92" W

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The space is in the bottom floor of a three story A-Frame house tucked up on a hill with lots of trees. Park along the street and walk up, the Rabbithole driveway is very steep. The garage will be open, people might be working out there. If not, just enter through the door at the back of the garage. Bring $5 for pizza if you want some. There are usually vegetarian and low-carb alternatives available as well.

There is usually light construction, programming, 3d modeling, soldering, pcb layout, and event staging going on. A bunch of really smart and friendly people, always a good time!

So if you're interested, email us at where we can give you the address and join us for some hackerspace fun :)