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Old Talk And Old Content[edit]

What about importing DOAP(description of a project): to be used with project pages similarly to foaf with userpages. It is meant for software projects, but I don't think there is anything major preventing it from being used in a broader context.

Looks interesting, should look into that as well. --Kwisatz 16:46, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

The other question is that should we not mention the free semantic wiki host (which our space is adopting)? more on that on my talk page --User:Elmom

Local events should be entered on the own wiki, all external events on this one. There is a problem though, that we will probably not be able to solve using the ExternalData extension: <-- [fetch semantic data] --- <-- [fetch semantic data] ---

This will result on only displaying events from the database, as all other data is only fetched, parsed and displayed, but not imported.

Suggested solutions[edit]


Events currently have the following properties on

They have the following properties on i.e. syn2cat:

A coordinated approach would have at least the following properties:

Test / Example[edit]

This is live data from

{{#get_external_data:,%7CCSV with Header|event=|from=From|till=Till|url=Url}}

Preferred: Using Special:Ask[edit]

This is how we do it...

asking for events from our wiki
{{#get_external_data:[[Category%3AEvent]]%0D%0A[[StartDate%3A%3A%2B]]&po=%3FStartDate&sc=0&eq=yes&p=format%3Dcsv&sep=%3D,|CSV with Header|event=|startdate=StartDate}}
{{#for_external_table:{{{event}}} starts on {{{startdate}}} <br/>}}

asking for external data from
{{#get_external_data:[[Category%3AEvent]]%0D%0A&po=%3FStart%20date%0D%0A%3Ftitle%0D%0A&sc=0&eq=yes&p=format%3Dcsv&sep=%3D,|CSV with Header|event=title|startdate=Start date}}
{{#for_external_table: * {{{event}}} has {{{startdate}}} <br> }}

asking for opendoors startdate from our wiki
{{#get_external_data:,|csv with header|sdate=StartDate|edate=EndDate}}
* Opendoors has StartDate {{#external_value:sdate}} and ends on {{#external_value:edate}}

We've learned how to extract event name and "Event Start Date" from, the syntax is disgusting though: sandbox

As you can see, events should always define the "Title" field, otherwise they look a bit blank. --Tschew 14:02, 20 September 2009 (UTC)

SSL trouble[edit]

We had to modify the external data extension to support SSL: (change should have been included upstream by now) [note that VERIFYPEER=false is a bad idea, but needs to be set because of a libcurl bug:] --Kwisatz


287                 if( !isset( $edgCacheTable ) || is_null( $edgCacheTable ) )
288                         return Http::get( $url, 'default', array(CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER => false) );

Alternative: The RDF export[edit]


You may want to use a daily/hourly cronjob to dump the entire RDF info:

logger -t syn2cat "Dumping rdf data..."
DOCROOT="[your docroot here]"

`which php` ${DOCROOT}/${SCRIPT} -o ${OUTPUT}


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