Synchronous Hackathon/2011-02-19

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Synchronous Hackathon/2011-02-19
Synchronous Hackathon - February 2011
Type of Workshop
Start 2011/02/19 (iCal)
End 2011/02/20
Country: Worldwide
Event in series Synchronous Hackathon

Global Hackerspace 555 Timer Challenge[edit]

This hackathon, we will join up in the 555 timer challenge In your entry, please mention if you are from a hackerspace. Also add it here, and we'll compete amongst hackerspaces for hackerspace-centric 555 timer projects. The deadline for this competition is March 1st. Good Luck.

The Ustream Matrix[edit]

During the hackathon, the matrix provides hackerspaces the opportunity to see what is going on across the globe. To add yourself to the matrix simply edit this page and add your ustream ID to the end of the URL.

Your ustream ID can be found in the URL of your broadcast, it'll be a 7(ish) digit number.,1956863,5721000,1853915,6835925,6811667,6814265,6831682,6301414,6828572,1953214,1975661


If your space is participating please list it below with a link to your hackerspaces homepage, link, and any other relevant information.