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Sudoroom is currently hosted at 2135 Broadway St., Oakland, CA (near the 19th St BART).

How do users access the space? At meetings and by individual arrangement for now.

Towards Opening a Space: Considerations[edit]

  • Open to consider warehouse spaces and office spaces.
  • way to provide public access guidelines for space
  • collaborations with potential other groups, eg fixit clinic, coyote, roshambo media, bio hackers
  • wtf is our use model/membership model/ access control?

need to have[edit]

  • within 4 blocks of BART station
  • ADA compliance
  • ability to receive mail
  • common area able to comfortably accommodate meetings of at least 15-30
  • "dirty shop" area (that can be ventilated), large enough to accommodate wood shop tools & messy work
  • space for a laser (that can be ventilated), space for 3d printers
  • "clean shop" area, large enough to accomodate soldering sewing silkscreening etc

nice to have[edit]

  • Areas of preferred location are: Temescal, Downtown, Lake Merritt, and West Oakland areas.
  • proximity to art murmur
  • pre-existing plumbing appropriate for lab
  • storefront
  • first floor
  • outdoor area
  • kitchen

existing east bay hackerspaces[edit]