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Status planned
Country United States of America
State or District Florida
City Orlando
Last Updated 2012-09-16
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United States of America


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STEAM is the potential name for a proposed make/art/hack space in east Orlando. The goal of the space is to provide a place for creative and driven makers to come together in a local environment and form a community that encourages creation and exploration.

The proposed space will be dedicated to community involvement and collaboration. By nurturing a community in which members of various backgrounds can come together and support each other in their endeavours it is hoped that everyone can improve mutually.

Because of the emphasis on the member, it is believed that everyone should be given equal access. Membership will as such not be limited according to age, race, gender, creed, or any other metric so long as members can hold fast to the one tenet, "be excellent to each other." Members will be encouraged to participate actively with the space and others involved with it, striving to broaden themselves and others wherever possible. For these reasons, the space should be considered an artspace just as much if not moreso than it should be considered a hackerspace.

Rules and Regulations (Tentative):
-Respect The Space
-Respect Yourself
-Be Excellent To One Another

Minors are welcome but will require a "sponsor."
The "sponsor" is not an adult chaperon but an individual whom can attest to the credibility and badassery of said minor.
Those 17 years of age will not require a sponsor.
Any adult can sponsor up to three minors.