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Your neighbourly gotos[edit]

...for administrative requests concerning:

  • wiki:
    • password resets, and other account issues
    • deletion or move of pages
    • glitches & bugs
  • mailing list (creation, recovery, etc)
  • infrastructure problems with any of the services
  • offers of help or donations
  • etc.

Status, as of April 2024[edit]

  • Best way to contact us is via Chat channels. Try there first (be patient, and maybe highlight/mention some of the names you see below)
  • tech-at-hackerspaces-dot-org




  • bronsen IRC: bronsen on | e-mail:
  • fin: e-fail: fin
  • g5pw IRC: g5pw on | e-mail:
  • georgyo: IRC: georgyo on | e-fail: george | matrix:
  • Hellekin: e-fail: hellekin
  • PK:

Mailman mailing lists[edit]

For : Want to create a new, or recover an existing mailing list?

IRC ([edit]

cel, jo/jomat, bronsen will act as so-called group contacts for Hso on (per meeting 2021-06-09)

Matrix & Matrix Spaces[edit]

Connect to Matrix and contact admins there.


Servers & networking[edit]

tech-at-hackerspaces-dot-org or ops-at-hackerspaces-dot-org

General contact requests[edit]


For any kind of abuse reports, please use abuse-at-hackerspaces-dot-org


Twitter (@HackerspacesBot)[edit]

Shared via Tweetdeck, mention or DM if you'd like something retweeted.

@jomatv6, @dcht00, @daveborghuis (xeno4ever)

(per meeting 2021-04-08)


For r/hackerspaces, see moderators.


A Telegram was transferred 2021/08 to dcht00 (thanks renze!)


At this point, we'd like to wholeheartedly thank Nessus and sponsoring us with rackspace, power, and a reliable uplink. You rock! \o/

Fallback contact[edit]

Retired services/staff[edit]

Your best bet would be to ask on the Chat channels.[edit]


Planet v1[edit]

Communications debugging[edit]

  • Sushimako (our official test-approval facility): XMPP:[edit]

(Down: might never come back, set up your own servers or use other open one!)


For Hackerspaces Soup:


Flickr group[edit]

No clue who's behind that... would the real maintainer please stand up? ;)

Other glorious positions, filled by some of our best men[edit]

  • Secretary of Defense: Ryan Rix
  • Special Topics regarding Hackers on Waters/Oceans/Rivers/Lakes: