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Communication Bridge (Telegram and Matrix/IRC)[edit]

  • I/M = IRC/Matrix
  • TG = Telegram

The TG room[edit]

Telegram room

Owner: User:Dcht00

2021-09-05 experiment[edit]

What was done:

  • "matrix bridge bot" was present in TG room: @hacklabbridgebot
    • ... but bridge continued to work after ATM dis-associated it, so huh?
    • telegram says "Has access to messages" in room list
  • a bridge was setup by ATS_
    • Telegram bridge
  • "𝚓𝚘 invited Telegram bridge bot (" (to M)
    • jo bridged rooms with by saying !tg bridge -1001431816358
    • TG room was missing bridgebot [!]

What worked:

  • all one way (T → I/M)
  • only "registered users" the other way

Some commands used (in Matrix room) to establish the bridge:

!tg help
!tg invite-link
!tg bridge --usebot -1001431816358
!tg bridge -1001431816358
!tg sync-state
!tg unbridge
!tg unbridge-and-continue

Attempt #2 (TODO)[edit]

THE PLAN[edit]

  • Person: Moderator on Telegram side → dcht00
  • Person: Bridge maintainer → ???
  • Full two-way bridging for all messages, for everyone connecting from:
    • all Matrix servers/users
    • all IRC servers/users
  • Test first in a separate room! (can also be used to test other bridges, etc)
  • Separate "Management room" on IRC/M (so TG bots don't spam the channels there)?
  • Document: What to do in advance, so no spamming of the main channels
  • Document: Easy way for people to associate nicks (on Matrix & on TG) so that bridged messages (in both ways?) are delivered by proper user (not bridge itself)

HOW TO[edit]

  • Easy and documented way to disconnect & reconnect bridge for admins
    • matrix admin say !tg unbridge and kick bot from the room
    • telegram admin kick bridgebot
  • unbridge and kick all bridge users from all channels
    • matrix !tg unbridge and kick bridgebot
    • telegram admin kick bridgebot
  • if decided to use telegram bridge:
    • on matrix room invite to room
    • on telegram group invite @hacklabbridgebot to group
    • on telegram say /id -> bot answer with id
    • on matrix say !tg bridge <id>
  • if decided to use telegram bridge
    • on matrix room invite
    • on telegram group invite @tchncs_bot
    • on telegram say /id -> bot answer with id
    • on matrix say !tg bridge <id>