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Articlepagename Extinction +
Basepagename Extinction +
City Tulsa +
Country United States of America +
Date of founding 21 October 2010  +
Facebook!/pages/Tulsa-OK/Extinction/150470104970113  +
Fullpagename Extinction +
Hackerspace status building  +
Has Logo true  +
Has coordinates 36° 9' 21", -95° 59' 43"Latitude: 36.155822
Longitude: -95.995431
Last Updated 14 September 2011  +
Location 36° 9' 21", -95° 59' 43"Latitude: 36.155822
Longitude: -95.995431
Logo Oldspaces.jpg  +
Membership fee 20USD monthly, membership entails having a
20USD monthly, membership entails having access 2 to 3 days a week of the facility. anyone needing more access or to be able to have their own private laboratory (power and a lockable space) can do so starting at around $200 a month and this is a room with a 12 foot ceiling concrete walls and most rooms have steel doors that the lock can be changed out on. wifi is available there but you will need a full watt wifi card to access it from the spaces in the building. several people can go in on having this too (ie 8 people can split the fee $25 each and all have access at any time to the stowaway spot as well as our common area with is two rooms and two small office cubicles with several tables and a couch. three bathrooms exist in the building that can be accessed at anytime by us. for each additional 5 people we sign up we will automatically expand to include an additional storage room like mentioned above. we hope to have a rotating schedule in the near future to allow all to have access to the space and resources as well as tooling most of the time.
urces as well as tooling most of the time.  +
Number of members 3  +
Pagename Extinction +
Phone 19184092674  +
Postal-code 74136  +
Region OK  +
Size of rooms 2500  +
State Oklahoma +
Street-address 6702 s. zunis pl apt 412  +
Subjectpagename Extinction +
Subpagename Extinction +
Talkpagename Talk:Extinction +
Talkspace Talk  +
Website  +
Wiki  +
YouTube  +
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Extinction + , Extinction +
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14 September 2011 16:43:18  +
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