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Status building
Country United States of America
State or District Oklahoma
City Tulsa
Date of founding 2010/10/21
Last Updated 2011-09-14
Website http://www.borgsteamfactory.com/Hcontact.html
Wiki http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Extinction
Phone 19184092674
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/morphtrust
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1501709541501&set=a.1501708021463.2070663.1197070153#!/pages/Tulsa-OK/Extinction/150470104970113
Snail mail

6702 s. zunis pl apt 412
OK-74136 Tulsa
United States of America

Number of members 3
Membership fee 20USD monthly, membership entails having access 2 to 3 days a week of the facility. anyone needing more access or to be able to have their own private laboratory (power and a lockable space) can do so starting at around $200 a month and this is a room with a 12 foot ceiling concrete walls and most rooms have steel doors that the lock can be changed out on. wifi is available there but you will need a full watt wifi card to access it from the spaces in the building.

several people can go in on having this too (ie 8 people can split the fee $25 each and all have access at any time to the stowaway spot as well as our common area with is two rooms and two small office cubicles with several tables and a couch.

three bathrooms exist in the building that can be accessed at anytime by us.

for each additional 5 people we sign up we will automatically expand to include an additional storage room like mentioned above.

we hope to have a rotating schedule in the near future to allow all to have access to the space and resources as well as tooling most of the time.

Size of rooms 2500
Members Architect
Location 36° 9' 20.96" N, 95° 59' 43.55" W

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Extinction is closed but will network all those wishing to have a hackerspace in Tulsa, OK.

in addition, the founder "the Architect" will be setting up a program whereby equipment can be obtained for cost or less for established hackerspaces having trouble with the costs *ie reprap sla and CNC subtractive like mill and lathe machinery). so stay tuned.


is an extension of Extinction galleries, and is headed up by The Architect. Projects will range from hacking existing hardware and tech to do things it was not meant to do, to building entirely new equipment. so in a sense, Extinction is not just a hackerspace, it simply houses one along with something with more potential.

meet ups[edit]

It is good to have meetings and workshops obviously so we are working on a list of these and they will be listed here once we have a list. a good time to meet up with us is on thursday or sunday most any week and we will be around the space late night some other week days. if you have an idea of what you would like to see us use the space for let us know.


a shop or showroom has been proposed to show off and even offer to the general public for sale items that have been made by members. creator would receive any profits from items they made and sold. the effort is more to help members generate revenue for projects they wish to do, but items should still be hackerspace related, like things made at work shops or meet ups here.



the space is arranged in two major rooms with lots of floor space to work and a locked room to store items members do not wish to have to keep taking home and bringing back to the shop. additional lock ups will be acquired automatically when we expand membership to a certain level. a bank vault may soon be available for items needing a higher level of security too. (properly grounded for EMP bursts to protect delicate electronic items)


members will be able to submit projects for the group to work on and vote on which ones to work on as a group. they can additionally choose not to work with the group on a project and spend their time on their own project or in a smaller group with other members who have similar goals. this is a good reason to work toward building a larger membership more than anything.


(on indefinite loan from www.borgsteamfactory.com)

  • 1 automated CNC controlled mill w/4 axis controller and spare
  • 1 precision metal lathe
  • 1 heat gun
  • 10 or more computers
  • 1 dremel multispeed
  • 1 fordom with 44T handle
  • 1 arc welder
  • array of shop lights
  • 1 cordless circular saw
  • 2 cordless drills
  • 1 cordless 4 1/2 inch angle grinder
  • 2 corded circular saws
  • 1 table saw
  • 1 band saw
  • 1 bench grinder w/ buffing wheels
  • 1 bench grinder w/ grinding stone wheels
  • 1 bench grinder w/ cratex rubber polishing wheels
  • 2 laser printers.
  • various hammers, wrenches, pliers, shears, wire cutters,
  • several soldering irons
  • 2 multimeters
  • 1 double tank 2.0 HP electric air compressor.
  • (more will be listed later along with supplies)


(approximate numbers in most cases. most donated by Borg Steam Factory as well)

  • 35 AT or ATX power supplies
  • over 100 hard drives some working and some not.

.... magnets and motors to be extracted for various projects

  • numerous aluminum heat syncs for project ranging from electronic to ionizers
  • numerous fans DC mostly and many match to the above heat syncs.
  • large supply of scrap MDF for building frames and mold bodies.
  • decent supply of aluminum sheet metal. mostly .016" thick
  • smaller but useful supply of brass sheet metal. same thickness mostly.
  • large 1 foot by 6 foot sheet of titanium/aluminum alloy, 1/8 inch thick
  • spare parts from digital cameras and DLP projectors.
  • small array of CRT lenses.


  • Build a Dalek


  • Build a computerized tardis console


  • micro generator from harddrives


  • discover develop and outfit hidden lairs around the tulsa area (only for now. but we hope to spread communication and develop a network with info on where and what as well as some form of ID for this program, and go nationwide at the very least.)
  • bring WiFi into the building. there are a number of free hotspots near by our space but to get it deep inside the lair we need a more powerful card. I have a server and WiFi router so the goal is to use a 2 watt card to access the outer hotspots and then share the wifi back out to the router via hard wire ethernet from the server so others can access the internet with out having high powered cards (also this would allow for starting a network inside for gaming)

ambitious projects[edit]

  • atomic assembler. both for building complex molecules and for mechanical assembly. similar to reprap but using multiple media in the form of individual atoms of various materials.
  • gene sequencer. for examining DNA and possibly assisting in "decode DNA & RNA" project.
  • atomic microscope[1]
  • Decode DNA & RNA project. develop a method of determining what genetic expressions generate mechanically. scope entails determining if sequences being of an expression of 4 and the base components (atoms) having a valence of 1 through 4 happen to have a correlation, and determine if this can be used for determining what the expressions relate to. begin building a mathematical model based on a number set of 1 through 4 much in the way one has been built on binary for computers and calculations.
  • chemical and molecule search-able database. a database where you could input a group of chemicals and the database would pull up all chemicals that contain the atomic structures starting with the ones with the least atomic "baggage" and advancing to the last in that series. each with chemical names and a link to information on where it is found in nature if at all. also a function that would give a reverse of the chemical showing the most reactive to least reactive chemicals mating to the input chemical structure. most of this being based on valence of the separate atoms and the collective effects of their combination's in the molecule.

idea list[edit]

  • leather workshop. some supplies and lots of tools and experienced leather smiths on hand.
  • metal workshop. focus on sheet metal primarily and how hand tools work to fabricate from sheet.
  • goggle workshop. show up and get help building your own custom goggles.