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Status planned
Country United States of America
State or District Florida
City Melbourne
Date of founding 2012/03/14
Last Updated 2012-03-16
IRC irc://freenode/spacespace
Snail mail

3512 Davinci Way, Apt 1063
United States of America

Membership fee Proposed fee schedule:

Free access to public areas. Events and usage of specialized equipment require paid membership or usage fees. One day access - $5 (can be applied towards a monthly membership started within the same month)

Basic Membership - $20/month - Includes classes and events, use of basic tools and soldering equipment, high speed internet Full Membership - $50/month - Adds entry to workshop area with dangerous or expensive tools (3D printers, etc.) Both memberships allow 24/7 access, but only Full members will be allowed to purchase keys.

Student/Youth discount - $10 off membership dues (includes those under 18 years of age and those with recent student ID's) Family discount - Additional memberships for family members are half price. (Student/Youth discount still applies making Basic membership FREE for a Student/Youth family member, Full membership down to $15/ month.)

Commercial access - $200/seat/month (businesses may arrange usage of the facilities during normal business hours provided they are not abused and do not negatively impact the capabilities or social culture of the space, i.e. no monopolizing equipment or scaring off other members)


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