Robots and Dinosaurs

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Robots and Dinosaurs
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Status active
Country Australia

State or District

New South Wales

City Sydney

Date of founding


Last Updated 2014-11-18



Snail mail

10/27 Bank St, Meadowbank
2114 Sydney

Number of members


Membership fee

$40/mo for regular members. $20/mo for students/low income. $5–10 for a casual visit. Discounts available for people paying in advance.

Size of rooms

large mechanics workshop area

Location -33° 48' 56", 151° 5' 21"

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Robots and Dinosaurs is a hackerspace currently based in Meadowbank, with about 40 full paying members and many more casual visitors. We open a few times a week (usually Wednesday night & Saturday day and night) and occasional workshops and themed days. Our tools range from chemistry to metal and wood working, computer aided design (3d printing and CNC milling, with a laser cutter), a vast supply of fabrics, a room packed full of donated gear you can destroy for parts, sewing machine, foam cutter, electric kiln, gas furnace, and lots more.

We have a quite diverse culture with primary interests being in electronics, 3d printing, robots, clothing design, optics, pneumatic computing, quadcopters, and hobby rockets - however we're always wanting to see and play with something new, so if your interests aren't on this list, you should come anyway! We're a fun bunch who love learning new things.

Your first visit is free and future visits are charged at $10 per day, with the option of becoming a full member for a cost of $40 per month. For students and self described starving hackers we offer half price ($5 per day or $20 per month). Some tools are available for short term loan to trusted full members, subject to board approval.

Most robots and dinosaurs communication happens on our google group, so join and introduce yourself!

This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

This Hackerspace has a Drill Press

This Hackerspace has a Sewing Machine

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

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