Republic of Blah

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Republic of Blah
Status planned
Country Republic of BLAH
State or District Republic of BLAH
City n/a
Date of founding 2009/04/04
Last Updated 2012-03-02
IRC irc://
E-mail core-AT-metalab.atURIs of the form "" are not allowed.
Snail mail

Republic of BLAH

Number of members 23
Size of rooms 776996.433 m²
Location 6° 18' 0.00" N, 162° 18' 0.00" W

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The Internet Republic of Boundless L33ts and Hackers is located on an island in the Pacific, and proud part of the UMMOA (see their blog). Together with The Pirate Nation, we think it is time to rethink current national and international structures, and set up an independent state for those who feel at home all over the world IRL as well as on the internets. BLAH build their homes in a shell. ^^