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This is a rough draft - please contribute!

1. Definition[edit]

  • Our constitution is RFC-compliant.
  • We are a group of sentient individuals that aren't (don't feel) bound to a specific land or nation, undefined by genetic makeup.
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • The country is an extension to the known world.
  • "Our taxes are a paypal donation button"
  • "Our currency is bandwidth"
  • practicing wikicracy


  • Pursuit of Hackiness
  • Freedom of Information and Action
  • Freedom to Maintain citizenship regardless of geographic location or origin.
  • Ability to Reverse Engineer
  • The Right to Privacy
  • To Use Strong Cryptography anonymously.
  • Untouchable Nature of Dignity
  • The Right to declare independence from other nations' legal constraints
  • Never restrict access to public information (online or offline)
  • No information filtering
  • Transparency of government

2. Legal Setup[edit]

  • Open Legislation - Any citizen can submit legislation via an open submission medium.
  • rough consensus, and practicism (we believe in the Cult of Done manifesto)
  • pre-existing population
  • State Language: b0rk3d English - EN_B0 (recognized minority languages/local dialects include lolspeak, 1337speak)
  • We are operating independently from diplomacies all around the 'known' world.
  • We do not exclude any religious views (and option includes the Church of Security)
  • Governmental mechanisms?
  • We do not believe in a president or government, but provide public contact addresses for both external and internal affairs - e.g. for PR and citizenship.
  • While we acknowledge that every citizen has a voice in every decision we accept the need for an external and internal interface to government.

3. Goals[edit]

  • Sustainability
  • Constant sovereignty
  • Future-proofness
  • Distribution and preservation of knowledge and information
    • CC license and Open Source
  • Be excellent to each other.

4. Practicalities[edit]

  • Redundant server hosting in geographically disparate locations. (failover)
  • Mailing list
  • wiki-style document.


Present at first meeting[edit]

Paula Loveless

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