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Country Slovakia
State or District Bratislava
City Bratislava
Date of founding 2010/06/01
Last Updated 2020-09-07
IRC irc:// silc:// or, channel progressbar
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Location 48° 8' 40.38" N, 17° 6' 53.78" E

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Current status[edit]

In 2018, Progressbar moved to a different location, which resulted in a change of profile of the place which slowly tilted towards a coworking and event space combo, less of a hackerspace.

While still fulfilling a rôle of being one of the places where hackers and technology enthusiasts meet, its focus mainly lied in providing a clean and nice place for work and meetings, less so in facilitating informal and messy hacking as it used to.

On 15 May 2020, Progressbar closed its doors permanently since the Covid-19 pandemic made the financial matters even worse.[1]

All information below is outdated and has been kept for informational purposes only.

Original Progressbar members[edit]

Juraj Bednár (Juraj) IT Security, hacking, awesomeness, Bitcoin and entrepreneurship

Juraj Kubica (meneldur) Astronomy, renewable energy sources

Martin Mocko (vid) Lowlevel assembly hacking

Michal Páleník (Michal) Free maps, GEO hacking

Pavol Draxler (Last) Photo / films exhibitions / left-wing opposition

Pavol Lupták (Wilder) IT security with focus on web applications / RFID, hacking hackerspaces :-)

Tomáš Zaťko (Woody) Web application security, entrepreneur

Zdeno Hlinka (Zden) Demo art & coding

Daniel Devatman Hromada (hromi) architecture of cognitive, social and academic systems

and many others!

Working Groups[edit]

Artificial Intelligence and Mind (aIaM) Hacking Group

Leader: Juraj Bednár, Daniel D. Hromada

This group is focused on interactions of mind and technology, mapping the past, present and future of thinking machines and figuring out what can they learn from us and what can we learn from them. Encouraging clever little projects from artificial intelligence and beyond, trying to find basic building blocks of mind.

Cryptographic Protocols group

Leader: Marián Novotný

Cryptographic protocols have become important mechanisms for realizing needs of modern society. This section of the hackerspace focuses on design and analysis of protocols highly constrained by the environment: RFID, smart-card, and Wireless Sensor Network protocols. Moreover, we focus on security protocols which combine contradictory requirements for providing anonymity and privacy bounded with some sort of control mechanisms. Our aim is to design protocols inspired by democratic institutions as voting, sociometric questionnaires used in psychology and privacy-aware computations over social networks as well. Enthusiastic young researchers from security and applied cryptography field are welcome to discuss recent results from literature and also present their own research. This section is also open for professionals from other fields including law, psychology, and sociology in order to discuss requirements for security protocols which will change the world.

Alternative culture, sport, travel group

Leader: Pavol Draxler

Beside strong technical background the Progressbar is also a meeting point for the people with alternative activities based on culture, sport and travels that lack of space in Bratislava.

Progressbar is a place where young art performers will find a spot to present their work to the world. Particularly welcome are design, painting, architecture and photograph exhibitions.

Progressbar will create unique place where active people can share their experiences and organize future adventures in climbing, travelling, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, ski alpinism, and much more.

Once in a Month Progressbar turn to film club with alternative style and film makers.

Low-level group

Leader: Martin Mocko

The goal of this group is to teach and enhance your skills in so-called low-level programming and hacking. Ranging from basic assembly programming and machine code fundamentals, through interfacing with lowest layers of operating system, up to utilizing exotic hardware modes, all included.

Open Software and Open Hardware group

Leaders: Juraj Bednár, Pavol Lupták

Promoting open source ideas, new interesting open software and hardware.

Occasional meetings of SOIT that focused on Open Source Information Technologies in Slovakia.

OWASP group

Leader: Pavol Lupták

The group dedicated to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Projects) meetings, promoting and supporting local OWASP projects and ideas and creating (Web)AppSec awareness in Slovakia.

Privacy protection and digital rights group

Leader: Miro Pikus

This part of the hackerspace project will look at information technologies rom the perspective of citizens and consumers, and will act to defend their freedom and right to privacy. The goal is to establish the hackerspace community as a trusted independent voice to public and media on issues concerning digital rights and privacy, a view that is now absent in Slovakia and is provided only by public authorities or commercial companies. The effort will be coordinated by Miroslav Pikus, who has experience in the IT, and IT security commercial environment, and was previously involved in and community projects

Web Application Security group

Leaders: Pavol Lukáč, Tomáš Zaťko, Pavol Lupták

The group of various WebAppSec professionals (mainly developers and penetration testers) responsible for organizing regular WebAppSec trainings, practical presentations where all potential attendants can learn a lot of about new vulnerabilities, exploiting methods and techniques, new trends and directions from the world of web application security.

BHU – BratislavasH4ckinUniversity

Leaders: Daniel D. Hromada

Narozdiel od inych prakticky zameranych workgroups Progress baru je BHU specificka v tom ze tematizuje Hacking takmer z cisto teoretickeho hladiska, filozoficky, antropologicky, matematicky... Aktivita BHU spociva v napomahani organizovania prednaskovych cyklov a konferencii venovanych nenasilnej penetracii akychkolvek (ci uz organickych alebo clovekom vytvorenych) Systemov.

BHU si taktiez kladie za ciel skonstruovanie niecoho ako « Mediateka » Progressbaru kde budu okrem Hackingu-a-Codingu-sa-tykajucich knih okrem ineho aj nastroje na zobrazenie obsahu ulozeneho na akomkolvek zaznamovom mediu (velke diskety, video, mikrofilmy, neskor snad i DNA...)

Temy prvych lectures (velka vacsina z nich sa s velkou pravdepodobnostou nikdy neuskutocni, ale preco sa aspon nepokusit, hm?):

1.Philosophy of hacking ( keywords : System, Interface, Rupture ). 2.Ethics of hacking ( Kodex, Karma, Knowledge). 3.Hacking of artificial systems (Phreaking, Cracking, Robohacking) . 4.Hacking of hearts (Facial expressions, Neorhetorics, Emotional resonance). 5.Hacking of minds (Conceptual networks, Meme theory, Self-reference). 6.Hacking of brains (BCI, TMS, Molecular aspects). 7.Hacking of suprapersonal systems (Social & cultural engeneering, Linguistic evolution, Psychowarfare). 8.Hacking of eco-systems (Of economy, Arbitrage, Of ecology) 9.Of hacking & sexuality (Tantra, Tao, The final hack).

Hardware Lab

Leader: Richard Beňo

This working group is focused, but not limited to electronics, microcontrollers, rapid prototyping, crafting and more.

Everything from soldering for beginners to Bus Pirate, from LED to lasers, from mechatronics to musical instruments.

On demand we are ready to expand the coverage to other hardware activities like LEGO, woodwork, plastic pipework etc.