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Status building
Country Greece
State or District Crete
City Herakleion
Date of founding 2021/08/01
Last Updated 2021-08-24
Website https://poiw.org
git https://github.com/poiw-org
Snail mail


Number of members 3
Membership fee none / open to donations
Size of rooms 20m²
Open to Exchanges? no
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact prism@poiw.org
Location 35° 19' 6.42" N, 25° 6' 11.74" E

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po/iw (ποιώ or poiw) is a hackerspace & dev community based in Herakleion, Crete. It partially receives funding and equipment from Hellenic Mediterranean University and is supervised by the faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Registrations are open to everyone, regardless of their knowledge or student status.

This Hackerspace has a