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Palm Beach LED
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Status planned
Country United States of America

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City Palm Beach

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-02-25



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 Palm Beach
United States of America


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Palm Beach LED is a grassroots Makerspace initiative started in January 2013. For more information, please visit our website at

Mission: To provide the PBC community with an environment that fosters inspiration, collaboration, learning, teaching and creation. To engage the business community to nurture, invest and participate in exciting new ventures and projects.

Description: We are very excited to announce a Makerspace initiative for the greater Palm Beach community. The Palm Beach LED club seeks to have a fully operational “state-of-the-art” facility in place mid-year of 2013 and requests your help in making it possible!

Palm Beach LED is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization serving as a community-operated Makerspace fabrication center. Palm Beach LED will provide its members a workspace, tools and state-of-the art equipment to advance their creative ideals, provide technical support and provide a center for peer-learning and knowledge sharing. Palm Beach LED is a great place to meet like-minded people to learn, network, collaborate on projects and acquire new skills. Palm Beach LED also seeks to engage the business community by providing networking opportunities for members seeking to advance their projects into the marketplace. We welcome DIY makers, artists, inventors, engineers, hobbyists, business people and all creative-minded people looking for great opportunities that a Makerspace environment can provide.

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