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Status building
Country United States of America

State or District


City Quincy

Date of founding


Last Updated 2012-05-24
Website NuclearHackerSpace




Snail mail

836 Maine Street
62301 Quincy
United States of America

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Membership fee

No fee as yet, maybe never

Size of rooms

2 rooms each 20 feet by 50 feet

Location 39° 55' 54", -91° 24' 6"

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Hello denizens of Hackerspace,
This is an attempt at building a HackerSpace node dedicated to, among other things, Hacking the Periodic Table, Constructing nuclear related devices and toys to help enhance public understanding of nuclear interactions and foster insights for more toys. An example of such is: The Philosopher's Stone: Take one smoke alarm, secure the Americium 241 source, apply Beryllium in any form, cover with 3 centimeters of paraffin wax (minimum thickness) apply material to be transmuted into another place on the Periodic Table (any Bismuth material), for example, and place the device in a secure and radiologically shielded are and let it build mass of the transmuted material. This device is a universal nuclear transmuting engine...the Philosopher's Stone. When Bismuth is the target, Bismuth 210 is produced, which has a half-life of five days. Bismuth 210, by beta decay, becomes Polonium 210. Here in America, I have distributed the working plans for this universal device to the Patriots and other interested Citizens to enable restoration of our Constitutional Republic. The idea is to remove the Communists, Socialists and Globalists from our Constitutional Republic with Polonium 210. Check Wiki for Polonium 210 poisoning for perspective. This device will also bring about nuclear fission of Uranium ore by spallation. Nearly all elements may be transmuted by spallation with this device. This device was used as the nuclear trigger for atomic fission before Plutonium 239 was substituted. Polonium 210 has such a short half-life that regular replacement was required. Plutonium 239 has much longer half-life. I welcome input, suggestions, experiences, Lab techniques and other information of related interest. Albert T. Viar

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