Noisebridge Reboot 2014

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Noisebridge Reboot 2014
Noisebridge Reboot 2014
Type of Party
Start 8-22-2014 (iCal)
End 8-25-2014
Homepage: Noisebridge Reboot 2014
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United State of America
Min Cost: 2 USD
1.48 EUR
1.22 GBP
0.00286 BTC
123.24 INR
Max Cost: 1024 USD
757.76 EUR
624.64 GBP
1.463 BTC
63,098.88 INR

One of the original hacker spaces in the US needs help!

Hey everybody,

Noisebridge, one of the oldest hacker spaces around co-founded by Mitch Altman, and is going through a major upgrade of its facility. Please donate, share, tweet, the link below. There are some cool gifts for your donations!!!

Many thanks!

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