Noisebridge Reboot 2014

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Noisebridge Reboot 2014
Noisebridge Reboot 2014
Type of Party
Start 8-22-2014 (iCal)
End 8-25-2014
Homepage: Noisebridge Reboot 2014
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United State of America
Min Cost: 2 USD1.64 EUR <br />1.42 GBP <br />5.2e-5 BTC <br />145.94 INR <br />
Max Cost: 1024 USD839.68 EUR <br />727.04 GBP <br />0.0266 BTC <br />74,721.28 INR <br />

One of the original hacker spaces in the US needs help!

Hey everybody,

Noisebridge, one of the oldest hacker spaces around co-founded by Mitch Altman, and is going through a major upgrade of its facility. Please donate, share, tweet, the link below. There are some cool gifts for your donations!!!

Many thanks!