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Status planned
Country United States of America

State or District


City Grand Rapids
Last Updated 2013-08-08



Snail mail

613 Lyon ST SE, Midtown
49503 Grand Rapids
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

$25 USD monthly

Size of rooms

600 ft²

Location 42° 58' 1", -85° 39' 14"

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We are in the planning stage for a potential joint hackerspace and printmaking shop-organizing in this way with the specific goal of encouraging multidisciplinary work. We are located in the Midtown neighborhood of Grand Rapids, next to Martha's Vineyard.

      • Probably defunct - linked websites look mostly dead and the address listed is a partially-occupied apartment building. ***

Are there any Grand Rapidians looking to START a hackerspace? I would love to got involved. (I will check back here later...)

--Totally defunct! However the storefront space is still available. I would love to see someone organize a hackerspace in grand rapids but its a little far beyond my personal reach at the moment. I would still like to be involved - george,

I would be interested in helping to start something like this up as well. trevorjlee AT gmail DOT com

08/08/13 I am also very interested in getting a hackerspace going in GR damir AT vertigocs DOT com

If you guys are looking to join a space, check out We are a new space in the area, located at 401 hall. We currently have wednesday night socials from 6p-midnight or later, they are free, and you are more than welcome to stop by and check us out! ~Kelly, my email if you want more information is kelly.vanderwell at

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