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MAG Laboratory
Status active
Country United States of America

State or District


City Walnut

Date of founding


Last Updated 2017-08-26







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3960 Valley Blvd Unit G
91789 Walnut
United States of America

Number of members


Membership fee

General can access the space whenever a keyholder is around: $40 Keyholder, has a key card, can come to the space whenever 24/7: $90

Size of rooms

~1200ft² with presentation room, computer room, machine shop, restroom and hangout space/locker room

Location 34° 2' 18", -117° 49' 24"

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MAG Lab (short for Makers, Artists, & Gadgeteers Laboratory) is a non-profit hackerspace/makerspace for creative people. There is a large intersection of interests between makers, artists and gadget enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the artistic creatives tend to not interact with inventive makers. We aim to bridge the gap by bringing them together.

There are tools aplenty for cutting, drilling, smashing, welding and forging all manners of materials from aluminum to plastic to steel. Sometimes--after all safety precautions have been attended to--we hack these tools for some extra fun. Like our welder-powered pickle-lit jack-o-lantern. Check out our Facebook for recent shenanigans!

For the digital fanatic, we have a few of multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and variable voltage power supplies. They're in the same room as our 3d printers and lazer cutter. Of course, we also stock the basic set of passives like resistors, capacitors, leds, potentiometers, terminals and connectors. There's also a good selection of basic transistors, like the good ol' NE555, 2N3904, 2N3906 and some voltage references.

We also have a sound dampened presentation room with a projector. See the website and calendar for a class list, there's everything from Combat Robots to Machine Safety to building Tesla Coils.

We're open Tuesday nights for our business meetings, and Friday nights for open project sharing. We also have a monthly Potluck and Project Show and Tell night every fourth saturday of the month. If you're planning on coming by at the odd hours of other days, we might still be open, check HAL ( ) for door status and motion before you leave.

This Hackerspace has a Lathe

This Hackerspace has a Welder

This Hackerspace has a Drill Press

This Hackerspace has a 3D Printer

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron

This Hackerspace has a Kitchen

This Hackerspace has a Lasercutter

This Hackerspace has a Air Compressor

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