MAG Lab Fundraising Raffle

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MAG Lab Fundraising Raffle
MAG Lab Fundraising Raffle and BBQ
Type of Party
Start 7/11/2012 (iCal)
End 9/2/2012
Homepage: Information at our website
Venue: Sycamore Canyon Park
City: Diamond Bar
State: California
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: 5 USD
3.7 EUR
3.05 GBP
0.00714 BTC
308.1 INR
Important dates
Submissions due: 9/1/2012

We’re happy to announce a MAG Lab fundraiser raffle!

The prize is a year’s general membership to MAG Lab. And as a bonus, a 4000 series Dremel!

Here’s the most important part: The money you spend on raffle tickets can be applied to your future membership fees. So if you buy one ticket, it’s $5 off your first month; and if you buy 5 tickets you’ve payed for your first month general membership.

Tickets are $5 each and odds will be 1/500 or better. If we sell more than 500 tickets, a second prize will be offered.

The raffle will be held on September 2 at 2:30pm at Sycamore Canyon Park in Diamond Bar. Come at 2:00pm to enjoy some dutch oven cooking! You do not need to be present to win.

Proceeds from this raffle will go toward the security deposit and first month rent of a space of our own. The hardest part in starting a hackerspace is the initial investment, so your participation is appreciated!


1. In person from Brandin, Trent, John, Manuel,or Dylan.

2. Follow the link to our gofundme page and make a donation. Make sure you include your email and a comment indicating that it’s for the raffle:

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