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Loveland CreatorSpace
LovelandCreatorSpace Logo.jpg
Status active
Country United States
State or District Colorado
City Loveland
Last Updated 2022-07-01
Phone 970-658-0038
Snail mail

320 N Railroad Ave
80537 Loveland
United States

Number of members dozens, growing rapidly"dozens, growing rapidly" is not a number.
Membership fee Individual- $50 USD / mth

Family - $75 USD / mth Supporting - $100 USD / mth Student - $25 USD / mth free low income memberships available

Size of rooms 6300 ft²
Location 40° 23' 41.66" N, 105° 4' 32.78" W

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The Loveland CreatorSpace is a non-profit, members funded and operated, cooperative “makerspace” for engineers, artists, musicians and tinkerers of all sorts to come together and … CREATE!

Like a traditional “hackerspace”, the primary objective of LCS is to provide a community-driven work shop that offers its members access to tools, machinery and classes to help promote creative engineering in Loveland and Northern Colorado. A comprehensive collection of tools combined with an assortment of community-owned light-manufacturing equipment will provide engineers, artists and musicians with the resources they would need to complete almost any project.

What makes LCS unique is its collaboration with Loveland’s arts community. Gallery and performance space will be offered for artists to present their craft, and the CreatorSpace will allow artists to experiment with new arts by offering opportunities and equipment to paint, play music, and wax creative. By offering space for painting, musical performance, and many other artistic ventures, LCS will provide a great space for artists to share their work and engage the community.

A key aspect of LCS will be the focus on education and exposing Northern Colorado’s youth to a group of skilled and talented role models where they can learn skills ranging from art and music, to electronics, programming and manufacturing. Whether it’s learning to work with tools, learning to play an instrument, or simply learn about a new subject at an LCS sponsored Tech Talk, we want kids to get excited and involved!

Hours- Upcoming public events are listed on the right and on our Meetup page.

You don’t need to be a member to attend our events! Please join our our Meetup to RSVP, so we know how many folks to expect, and so you receive event notifications and emails.

Become a member to have access to the space at any time!

By golly! I want to help out! Where do I go!?

If you have suggestions for LCS features (such as equipment and tools you’d like to see), events (such as classes and get-togethers you’d like to attend), or just want to join the cause, please Join our Meetup to find us at our next meeting!

Come out and be a part of the exciting new “maker” movement, and help make Loveland CreatorSpace the place you want to be for new and interesting things to make and do!

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