Irish Hackerspaces Week 2010

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Irish Hackerspaces Week 2010
Irish Hackerspaces Week 2010
Type of Conference
Start 2010/08/14 (iCal)
End 2010/08/22
Country: Ireland
Event in series Irish Hackerspaces Week

With a growing number of active and planned spaces on the island of Ireland, we have decided come together to run a series of coordinated events.

Participating spaces include:

To increase the international feel for the week, we scheduled the week to coincide with the regular Global Synchronous Hackathon.

Synchronous Hacker Quiz[edit]

Friday 20th August
Preparation Time
19:30 Irish Summer Time
Start Time
about 1-2 hours
Pub Table Quiz

A few members from TOG in Dublin will be acting as quiz masters. Teams of about 5 participants from hackerspaces around Ireland (and the world?) will take part. We'll be using the same SIP conference extension to run the quiz, which is used by the regular Call-in.

Press Release[edit]

Subject: Irish Hackerspaces Week
Date: Saturday 14th of August until Sunday 22nd of August

Soldering, electronic textiles, photography and 3d printing are just
some of the exciting topics for the first annual Irish Hackerspaces Week
next week.  These events are being hosted by hackerspace groups all over
Ireland to highlight the talents, creativity, innovation and opportunity
of modern hacker culture in Ireland.

Planned events will cover a range for fun and informative topics in the
form of presentations, meet-ups and social events.  Events are being
hosted and organised locally by each hackerspace group, highlighting
their facilities and areas of interests.  Streamed collaborative events
are also planned to showcase the shared identity between hackerspace

A hackerspace is a community based around a shared physical workspace
with shared resources, where members of that community can come together
to collaborate on topics involving science, technology and art.  Irish
hackerspaces also form part of a growing international community of
about 450 hackerspaces.

Participating hackerspace groups include 091 Labs in Galway, Hackerspace
Cork, HackNI in Belfast, Limerick Hackerspace and TOG in Dublin.  The
majority of events are free and open to the public, though
preregistration may be required due to limits on physical space.

Specific event information can be found on or .

Media Contacts: - Robert Fitzsimons, - TOG, Warehouse Unit C,
Chancery Lane, Dublin 8 - Declan Elliott, - 091 Labs, Ground
Floor Unit, Exchange House, Fairgreen Road, Galway

More details to follow.