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Status closed
Country Ireland
State or District Munster
City Limerick
Date of founding 2010/02/07
Last Updated 2019-01-21
Snail mail


Number of members about 15 - 20 expected to start with"about" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 15.
Membership fee Provisionally 30euro per month
Location 52° 39' 50.28" N, 8° 37' 43.95" W

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Limerick Hackerspace has been renamed miLKlabs (derived from Made In LimericK labs)

We have recently viewed a very suitable space in Limerick city center which we believe we are close to securing (though it could be May 2011 before we can move in).

Currently we are occupying the ground floor space of an artists studio. Average attendance is about 15 people and we have 13 paying members. Monthly membership is €30 by Standing Order.

For more details please join the chat on our google group.

Check out our webpage at

We're on Twitter @milklabs

And Facebook at