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Status closed
Country United States of America
State or District California
City San Diego
Last Updated 2019-07-21
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6025 Hughes Street
92115 San Diego
United States of America

Number of members 39
Membership fee Free for Qualified Membership
Location 32° 44' 45.71" N, 117° 4' 1.99" W

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Primary Goals: (i) Provide both physical and intellectual space for development of ideas and physical devices.

(ii) Accumulate the knowledge and skills required to develop our intuitions and quandaries to manifestations of innovation and insight.

We are amassing the tools for budding inventors and curious engineers run from proof of concept to marketable prototypes.

Tactical Social networks have been assembled to assist any enterprising entrepreneurs in legal and business matters.

Models are being designed to increase the pace at which an innovative product reaches the market while reducing risk and cost.

And while many of the tools are focused on venture enterprise within the hardware, software, mobile, and media sectors, this space will provide members with more than an outline to entrepreneurship. We will develop ideas based on philosophies, ethics, economics, and business practices through experiment, debate, and discussion.

We have a designated physical space for constructions and our tools will be ever increasing. Our social space will expand through the web allowing for collaborations across time and space.