Intern4chte beta

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Intern4chte beta
Intern4chte beta
Subevent of hack4beginners & gamble
Type of LAN Party
Start 27.12.2012 (iCal)
End 30.12.2012
Homepage: Clever inside
Venue: Clever inside Dammstraße 72
City: Lübbenau
State: Brandenburg
Country: Germany
Min Cost: 1 EUR
1.351 USD
0.824 GBP
0.00193 BTC
83.27 INR
Max Cost: 10 EUR
13.514 USD
8.243 GBP
0.0193 BTC
832.703 INR

Sideevent 29c3, Hack'n'gamble, Lan Party, Spreewald,

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