LAN Party

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LAN Party
Multi-Hackerspace Global LAN Party & Hacker Challenge
Type of LAN Party
Start 2011/03/26 (iCal)
End 2011/03/27
Homepage: Global LAN Party
Venue: Hackerspaces around the world
Country: Earth
Subevents: NESIT LAN Party

Multi-space LAN Party[edit]

Below you will find the preliminary planning pages for the Multi-Space LAN Party

Hackerspaces Involved[edit]


To bring together multiple hackerspaces for a night of games and challenges.


Hosting Hackerspace Game Public IP Port(s) Brief Notes
NESIT Open Arena 27960 Open arena is a cross platform game.
Beta Two Labs Skulltag aka Doom 2 Look for "--Beta2--" in the serverlist NA You probably will need your own doom2 iwad files. Server and join passwords will be sent to participating hackerspaces the day before the event. Contact for passwords and instructions.
Syracuse Innovators Guild armegatron 23233 Details soon
NESIT Minecraft Beta 25565 Current Beta release Minecraft server. Please send feedback to care of chris.
Alpha One Labs Battlefield 2 tbd tbd Details soon


NESIT Game Suggestions[edit]

Games that NESIT have found worked well:

  • Quake 3
  • Smokin' Guns
  • Half-life
  • Killing Floor
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Unreal
  • CounterStrike
  • CounterStrike: Source

Steam is also a good resource for games. The one thing we ask is that people have downloaded the games prior to getting there, or to pull them off our network after purchase, so as not to destroy our bandwidth.

Beta 2 Game Suggestions[edit]

Beta 2 has done well with the following:

We like games playable cross OS.

Syracuse Innovators Guild[edit]

War/Hacking Challenges[edit]

NESIT has set up a "Hacker Challenge."

Directions: Ports 22,80,445,548,5900 and 3306 will be open at,The first person to take ownership of both the hosted website and the computer running website wins the challenge. And wins a copy of Poulsens new book KINGPIN.


  1. If you dos or ddos the machine an angry mob will hunt you down and beat you with sticks.
  2. You will have 24 hours to complete the challenge.
  3. Once you've taken ownership of the website take a screen capture of your defacement and mail it out to
  4. Once you've taken ownership of the server drop a file on the desktop of the admin of the server and take a screen shot and mail out to
  5. Remember, the challenge will go live at exactly 7:00PM EDT on Saturday.