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Status suspected inactive
Country United States of America
State or District Michigan
City Houghton
Date of founding 2008/03/04
Last Updated 2020-08-08
Snail mail

United States of America

Location 47° 7' 9.90" N, 88° 32' 49.06" W

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The Lab[edit]

More up to date information can be found at


Our lab is located on the Michigan Technological University campus in room EERC 809. To get to our lab, take the elevators in the EERC to the 8th floor. Exit and turn right. Continue to the end of the hall. If our doors are open, you will have entered the IEEE lab. If they are shut, you will have banged your head pretty hard, and you should get that checked out.

Lab Mission[edit]

The IEEE lab is a student run work space aimed at tinkerers, builders, and people with a general interest in electronics design. We provide a fully equipped and stocked lab for personal and professional use. We are available for students from any department on campus, as well as local community members.

Lab Space[edit]

Our primary mission is to provide a usable lab space for the purpose of completing coursework or personal projects to all students of Michigan Technological University, as well as the general community. We keep a fully stocked electronics lab with tools, software, and free common parts to be used by our members.

Extra Curricular Design and Projects[edit]

We provide extra curricular opportunities for students to improve their design and build skills through lab projects and activities. Enthusiastic and passionate people make the best engineers, and we aim to attract that caliber of person to our lab by providing opportunities to participate in interesting projects that would otherwise be out of reach to the average poor college student.

Community Outreach[edit]

Part of our mission is to extend our services and knowledge to the local community. We aim to attract enthusiastic community members to our constituency. We also provide educational services focused on electrical engineering and electronic principals to the general public.

Networking Opportunities[edit]

We attract a very high quality of person in our lab, and over the years many of our members have become very talented engineers. Being a regular member in the IEEE and our community provides opportunities for engineering help and advice. We are also nice people, and want to be friends with you. As a member of the IEEE National Society, we also have the ability to send people to conferences and bring in speakers depending on general interest.


You can usually find at least one of the officers in the lab during the day, and usually late into the night. The best way to contact us with comments/suggestions is through email. We also have a phone.

  • Email:
  • Lab Phone: 1-906-487-2090