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If you have a question or need advice about starting or running a hackerspace, the people below are willing to help. If you'd like to volunteer to help other hackerspaces, please add yourself here. Please do not spam these mentors with messages unrelated to starting or running hackerspaces.

Name E-mail Expertise Associated spaces Associated countries
Edward L. Platt ed@elplatt.com governance, finance, 501(c)3 I3Detroit, MITERS US
Mo moritz-at-headstrong-dot-de meh some DE
Alan Fay emptyset@freesideatlanta.org operations, finances FreesideAtlanta US
Dave Borghuis dave@tkkrlab.nl starting, operations TkkrLab,Enschede NL
Eslam Eldeknway Sallosallo@gmail.com 3D printing, workshops, tools, materials Portsaid hacker space EG
Jenny Ryan jenny@sudomesh.org starting, organizing, galvanizing, operations, culture Sudo Room, Noisebridge US
Hans Wang wang.x.han@gmail.com cheap devices and equipment buying Largo City Hackerspace, Beijing CN
David Dcht00 david@totalism.org start & organize hackbases (coliving hacklabs) Cyberhippietotalism ES, SI, EU
Loïc "iooner" loic-at-lghs-dotbe starting, organizing, governance, finance Liege_Hackerspace BE, EU

Lizard Squad EX Lizard Squad & TeaMp0isoN Hacker Thomas Smith is willing to give advice.