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A Hackbase or Hackerbase is a Live-in Hackerspace - a hackerspace with a capacity for coliving.

  • everything you would expect from a hackerspace + place to stay (sleep, eat, ...)
  • ... this includes being publicly accessible (via a clear and non-discriminatory process)
  • able to host short or long-term stays
  • residents cover their own costs (which are usually far less than "normal" lifestyles)
  • extension on the practices of sharing already present in hackerspaces
  • hosts hacker Residencies and Exchanges

Known self-described hackbases:

Communication channels:

Probably also a hackbase:

Early stages of planning / rumours / unclear / not open for public yet:

Ex-hackbases, and unsuccessful projects:

  • KEK + HackBeach (event) @ Kerala, India (see june 2016 news)
  • TAZio Hackbase @ Brussels, Belgium (Archive link, 2014): Hackerspace_Brussels (HSBXL) decided on expanding to a bigger space, and make it a hackbase. After much work, finding the place, budgeting for it, and signing the lease contract (for a ~2000m2 space), the landlord broke the agreement. The project was scrapped. (more info)

For other similar spaces, see:

Also related are temporary Hacker camps:

  • CCC Camp in Germany (every 4 years): CCC Camp August 13-17 2015 @Ziegeleipark Mildenberg
  • Hacker Camp in Netherlands (every 4 years): Next one in SHA2017
  • EMF Camp (UK, every 2 years, next summer 2016)
  • Hackers-Lab
  • also see http://totalism.org/calendar (for more events, mostly EU)
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